Misty Misadventures at Ba Na Hills

Our second day in Da Nang were filled with light drizzles. The wind still howled of sad songs and the skies were faintly blue. But the tour must go on. No matter the circumstance, whether good or bad, it would still count as an adventure, wouldn’t it?

We are scheduled to go to Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park, a theme park on a hilltop. It is actually quite near where we were staying.

The uber driver fetched us in front of the cafe where we had our brunch. The skies were already hinting of the heavy rain we will encounter that afternoon. But hey, adventures await us. Rain or shine, it must go on. Twenty minutes in and we were already on the foot of Ba Na Hills. A towering citadel-like stood in front of us—intimidating us with its grandeur and undeniable beauty.

Uncovering Eden - Ba Na Hills 15

We walked towards it—a little hesitant. Questions hovered my head like birds in spring time. Are we gonna enjoy our stay here? Will the rain ruin our planned activities? Then I remember about how I vowed to drop every fear and hesitation because this once in a lifetime experience is slowly unfolding in front of me. There’s nothing I can do but to welcome it with arms wide open.

After purchasing the tickets, we went straight to the cable car line. Ba Na Hills Resort boasts their cable car as the world’s longest. The line is not actually long(In retrospect, maybe it was due to the weather.) We got in a few minutes after and that’s when my heart started to feel a little fear. The suspension line is so long—to the point that I can barely see where it ends. With the rain slowly building up, our chances of having fun is gradually thinning.

The ride took about 20 minutes. I thought that it would be nerve-wrecking, but the it turned out to be a pleasant one. The astonishing view outside helped me get through it. I am not fearful of heights—I am just a person who hates not having fun. Thank goodness for the mist on our cable car windows, it helped the view to compose a new one—a lovelier one, I must say.  We passed by little waterfalls and got a nice overlooking view of Da Nang.

When we got out of the cable car and pushed the doors open, strong winds swayed our way. Beautiful structures resembles those of Paris’—so majestic, so classic. I was transported to Europe in a snap. I even saw a replica of Notre Dame in front of me—I couldn’t be any happier.

The entirety of Ba Na Hills look like a medieval kingdom trapped on top of a hill. From the roof to the cobblestone roads, this tourist spot has taken all of my attention in a heartbeat.

Uncovering Eden - Ba Na Hills 16

Uncovering Eden - Ba Na Hills 17

Uncovering Eden - Ba Na Hills 18

We toured around, not minding the winds that slapped our skins. To be honest, the fog added mystery to the place. It made everything so dramatic. Imagine these thin clouds circling around the tips of buildings like you’re in a distant dystopian future.

Then, when we got too cold from long exposure outside, we decided to finally get in. Grabbed food from some random shop and watched people have fun. These are the moments where my spirits find solace from restlessness and just appreciates what happens around me—moments that humble you, making you feel small but still a usable parcel in this grand scheme.

Uncovering Eden - Ba Na Hills 20

Uncovering Eden - Ba Na Hills - Pizza

Near our table was a revolving machine that with chairs suspended in the air. We got curious and of course tried it out. The only thing I remember was me shouting, laughing as the machine whipped me into a loop, circling higher and higher until almost parallel to the ground. Everything got blurry. Sharp lines turned into blurry waves of just colors and light. I created a masterpiece in my eyes as the ride went on. The ride finished with us dazed and a little disoriented but nonetheless, we were satisfied.

Uncovering Eden - Ba Na Hills 10

Uncovering Eden - Ba Na Hills 11

Uncovering Eden - Ba Na Hills 14

Another one we tried was the house of mirrors—a maze made out of mirrors—made to confuse anyone who walks in to never get out of this crystal labyrinth. At first, we tried following a man who was in front of us. Clearly, that’s not the right strategy as we got lost with the thought of seeing him and later on finding out that he was not there. It was just his damn reflection tricking us. Then we pressed our hands softly against the mirror. We gently manoeuvred with the mirror as our guide. We figured that the mirror’s edges will guide us out. And voila, in a few minutes we got out successfully… and alive.

Uncovering Eden - Ba Na Hills 13

It’s 5PM and we finally strolled our way out and started to get a final view outside. We opted to visit the garden but with how the winds were going, I’m afraid that that was not in our option. 

As the rain slowly fell, we rushed back to the cathedral. It took me a second look to finally see its beauty. I was not paying attention at first, but man was it beautiful. I marvelled with how the walls are carved with basically art. In my mind, the thoughts of seeing the original one in Paris, made me a little sad and happy, all at once. Will I ever see it? Will I ever get to experience the magic, that is Paris?

With a little pinch of sadness in my heart, I asked Kathleen, my friend to finally ride the cable car going down the hill. Frankly, my heart could no longer take the fact that my dreams are taking forever to be a reality. Seeing Ba Na Hills was fine. It was actually more than I expected it to be. Even though the weather was not on our side, Ba Na Hills still shone through like the first sun ray after the rain.  But it reminded me so much of Paris, the place I have always dreamed of going to. The place that is always the best setting for romantic movies I have watched countless of times. I guess, we are like this star-crossed lovers still waiting for the planets to align and conspire to make our love story happen.

We went home tired from the rides and happy reconnecting with our lost childhood memories. I lied my weary body on the soft bed but I can’t shake Paris off my mind. This needs to happen. It should. It must.