Hong Kong After Dark

In the alternate universe I was in, tints of purple and teal gave my Hong Kong nights a different vibe. It felt like a Hollywood movie unfolding upon every step. Every flicker romanticized even the most barren alleys. I looked around me and cars, buses and taxi cabs restlessly roam from every direction.

Seeing the Hong Kong skyline gave me chills. Millions of lights gave the pitch black terrain a surreal look — boats crossing the harbor, car lights streaking like light sabers.

We found our way down the  Victoria Peak and everything seemed dreamy. Peoples’ faces seemed more beautiful in this light. Hell, even the traffic jam seemed like a wonderful thing under this dreamy mist.

We walked towards Central Station. This is what I love most when walking after dark. Every thing and every place seem to have a story — every dimension has depth and every angle has meaning.

As we walked outside the station, I can’t help but be in awe and wonder. Deep inside I was wondering, “Could I also feel this way back home?”.

The night grew deeper and so was our conversation. In this twilight zone, I was able to think outside the usual. I could picture things in my head about the things I haven’t thought of for a long time. It’s funny how a simple change of ambiance could give us a different perspective in that specific moment.

We crossed a narrow pedestrian lane and passed by taxi cabs with unrecognizable passengers inside. The way the lights hit them gave them this very mysterious, “I have secrets” aura. It’s fun to make stories out of these scenarios like they  are real.

I am craving for more stories under the vast dark skies. My eyes need to see more of these dreamy city lights and my soul needs more of these walking in the streets and casual conversations kind of nights.

I was saddened when I bid my goodbyes to Hong Kong but I’m glad I chose it to be the first overseas tour of my entire life. It exposed me to a lot of things and I am grateful for those eye-opening experiences. It literally gave my whole persona — a rebirth. I’ve come to a realization that our uniqueness, even under these lights, is beautiful and we should never be ashamed to show it.

Now, I am more than excited to go to a new country and uncover the heck out of it. I am ready to get to know more of the stories that are just waiting to be told. I am ready to experience new things that will grow me as a person. And I can’t wait to share these to people all over the world.