Cebu and Bohol Revisited

Exactly one year ago, I had my first flight experience. I have been to a lot of places since then, but as they say, you’ll never ever be able to forget your first. And in my case, it’s all true. Up to this moment, I still crave for Cebu and Bohol. Everything about those places makes me wanna book the next plane scheduled to go there.

Looking back, I know I should have done something more.  I should have gone to more places. I should have eaten more food. If ever I’ll book my next trip, I would do the following things to avoid sudden interruptions or complications during my trip:

Determine the place you want to visit.

We have a lot of places in our travel bucket lists but determine what you wanna visit first.

Book promo flights.

As an employee, I don’t have all the time in the world to browse for promo flights. Thank goodness for mobile applications like Traveloka, I get to check if there are discounts on various domestic and international flights.

You can travel as much as you want because every travel you take doesn’t have to be that expensive.

Book a hotel.

Or in my case, cheap hostels and guesthouses. I don’t really need a fancy stay. I just want a clean bathroom with bed, because let’s face it, we don’t stay inside that long. As long as its clean and it’s near all the transport systems, I’m sold.

Back-up your camera files.

Having to deal with your camera’s memory is a bummer. So always remind yourself to back up the images of your past travels and erase everything to make room for your new ones.

Create your itinerary. 

I know that the easiest way is to book a tour for your trip but with a little help from the world wide web, you can create your own itinerary. Researching is an open secret to every successful traveler. That would mean, you’d have to a face-to-face moment with your laptop and just scour the internet for every useful detail you can use. I mostly read travel blogs for more ideas and inspirations during my free time.

Learn their language. 

Language barrier is one of the most frustrating things in the world of traveling. I have had my fair share of getting lost because of this. So, I’ve learned to go browse some youtube videos that help me with some tutorials on usual things a traveler should ask.

Don’t forget to web check-in.

Don’t be fashionably late! It’s better to do things early to have a smooth sailing trip. Web check-in your flight days before your departure. It really helps you a lot. Less things to think about and less things to do in the airport.

These are the things that I need to work on more, next time I intend to travel. Hopefully, I would be able to do all these and really maximize my time traveling with no worries.

Share your own travel tips in the comments below and help other travelers like us in the planning and strategy department.