Hoi An, the Hidden Gem in the Heart of Vietnam

It had been raining for days when we arrived in Da Nang. Our plans to stay out late are cut short and is turned into Phở dinners in the cold, drizzly evenings. Once the skies clear up, we will go to Hoi An to finally start our two-day adventures here. Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage…

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For Ha Long Bay is Heaven

If you ever think that it is not possible to feel some summer heat in December then I will have to disagree with that. It’s almost the middle of the month but Ha Long Bay has the warmest weather I have ever encountered here in Vietnam, so far. Hanoi, its chill sister — a place…

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The Heart of the North: Hanoi Travel Guide

A midnight flight to Hanoi is the last thing that I would even imagine doing. I hate staying up late and I won’t enjoy anything with my eyes half-closed. But I later on found out that I was wrong. Flying at wee hours is the most relaxed that I have ever been. You’re in like…

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