Colors of Manila

I studied college in Manila. Though, I was not born and raised here, my most beloved spots are located here — Binondo, Intramuros and Malate to name a few. There is something about Manila’s light that gives life to everything even after sunset.

The colors are truly magical here. Everything is cast in golden orange. The lights, the streets, even the buildings’ facades are glittering in yellow. One time I was riding a cab across Roxas Boulevard, I swear I saw the bay glisten like it’s filled with diamonds. Plus, the way the shadows run on top of the cab’s windshield gave me some movie feels.

I will never get over the colors of Manila. It will always be one my favorites. No matter where I will go, nothing will beat Manila’s effervescence. Simple as that.

So, last Saturday, I joined a group of Fujifilm photographers—even though I’m using Nikon—to have a photowalk from Luneta Park to CCP Complex. It’s a very long trail if you’ll think about it. I looked at my phone and I have walked 20,000 steps that afternoon alone. But it’s all worth it. Seeing Filipinos having fun, basking under the sun is the greatest prize.

We started out at 4PM in front of the National Museum of Anthropology. I immediately noticed that Luneta is really Manileno’s go-to place for recreation. Some were playing, others were strolling and some were practicing for school activities. Immersing yourself in a “slice of life” kind of condition is truly breathtaking. In a few hours, you’ll get to feel like one of those people. An outside-looking-in kind of perspective.

I started to plot my story for today’s agenda. My goal is to get as much of the real life situations going on in here—as raw as possible. I want to be able to look at my works one day and feel the same emotion I felt taking that picture on that specific day. I want these photographs to transcend every bit of feeling.

Manila is so chill, I must say. Yes it is chaotic, unruly and sometimes a bit overcrowded but it has maintained that relaxing ambiance. Everyone seems to be out to have fun, not worrying that time is ticking. I love that about Manila. Whenever I feel like I’m hastily going through life, I must always remember to go back here, where everything’s pace is slowed down. Manila appreciates the littlest things in life. That’s a reality check that I badly need. And for that, I am forever grateful for Manila.

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