What I Look Forward To in 2019

I was that kid. That employee who wants to be ahead of the pack. That traveller who wants to visit every destination per country in a few days. That boy who wants to shortcut his way into adulthood. But it got tiring. I got bored fighting with time. Trying to outsmart it by doing things faster than when it’s destined to be done.

In 2019, I want to take things slow. I want to do it at my own pace. I am no longer running a race, right now I just want to experience life. This is no longer about who finishes first, now, it’s about who will make their lives worth living. Believe me, I used to be so envious of my friends or colleagues whom I thought had their lives all figured out. They got cars, homes of their own, have travelled almost everywhere in the world. But you see, that should not be the case. We should run our lives the way we want it. No pressure, no competition.

I have realized that gaining things prematurely will only make we want for more. Leaving me hollow, one accomplishment after another. But if you truly enjoy the journey of achieving them, true gratification will come after. That is why, this year, I will value the journey more than the destination.

This 2019, I will start appreciating the little things. Like the smell of coffee in the morning, my mother preparing hearty meals on Sundays, the laughs my officemates and I share over stupid things, feeling the sun against my skin and even the color of the skies during sunsets. At the end of the day, those miniscule moments, those fractions of time, will all we’ll be able to remember when we grow old. It’s not how fancy you have lived your early 30’s or mid 20’s, it’s about the little memories you were able to keep during those years.

Time is the most essential gift of all. So don’t spend it all on work. Don’t make it your world. Leave work on time. Go home. Spend it with your families. Try learning to cook your favorite dish. Watch that cheesy primetime drama series you’ve been avoiding to see.

We are so deeply focused on our phones, that we fail to give attention to what really matterour selves, our families. This year, I will memorize the way my mom sings classic music during weekend mornings. Or the way our neighbor kids play, fight, and play again til sundown. Just typing about it now already puts a smile on my face.

I’m also going to try keeping a journal. I want to write down all my learnings, moments, and daydreams. I want to have written evidences I can look back on to once I’m grey and old.

I will take small vacations more often. It does not matter if it’s outside the country, within the town, in a coffee shop or even just my room. I want to have more “me time”. More time for making my dreams into realities. More time to smell the flowers in the parks. And more time booking those “dinner for one” I have been wanting to book for over a year now.

Giving chance to new adventures, is also on my list. They say we will only regret the chances we didn’t take. It’s absolutely true. Five years from now, my priorities won’t be the same as what I have right now. Same as yours. So go ahead, let’s book that flight. Let’s watch the newest movies alone. Start owning succulents and grow them. Climb that mountain that’s been sitting on our bucket lists for years now. Attend a festival down south. Try to become a part of something that’s bigger than life.

2019 is a fresh start. I want to become a clean slate ready to get painted on. And I’m already excited for the outcome. I’m telling you that.