We Should be as Resilient as Intramuros

This will not be a travel-related post. This will be me, telling you people, to never stop doing your art. Even if detractors are always at your foot. And I want to site Intramuros as our model.

People will make fun of your art. Trying to project it as “criticism” when in reality it is just insecurity. Art, whose core is independence from the norm. And ridiculously enough, insecurity from people, who don’t even know you.

My heart, my soul contested the idea of their boxed outlook on how photography should be. I was always told to be myself, never change for people who does not even see an ounce of my value. Never did. Never will. I am unapologetically my own art. And you should be, too. No one should ever make you feel bad because your art doesn’t fit the mold. Be your own shape. Be your own self.

Don’t listen to non-believers. Surround yourself with a strong support system, a wall, like Intramuros, that nothing can ever beat you down.

Listen to critics, but only from people who know the real you. People who have seen you grow. Others will have their way of destroying you and what you do. But just like Intramuros, you need to build a wall so high, insecurities from outside won’t have a way in. Build it so high, they won’t see the next thing you will launch.

They will make you doubt yourself. Please, Don’t. No one knows your story like you do. They don’t know the endless capabilities hiding behind your timid exterior. The baddest beast that’s been sleeping, waiting for you to wake it up.

Brace yourself. It’s gonna be a fucking wild ride. But you only live once, so let your single chance at living have the strongest version of you. I will always look forward to new art, possibly from you, who is reading this, right now.


The strength of the walls, tested through time, though wrecked by other’s ambitions, is so evident on how proudly Intramuros, the walled city, stands until this day. Intramuros is how I want my personality to be. I want to be so resilient, nothing can ever succumb me.