Reliving My Childhood at Stacy’s

One Saturday, I found some free time in the afternoon. I packed my weekend essentials, camera and a laptop then hailed a taxi as soon as I got out of my home. Strolling along Bonifacio Global City can be a little bit tiring, so I stopped by Stacy’s, the establishment I have been meaning to eat at for the longest time now.

Stacy’s is strategically located near The Mind Museum and other food joints that I love. But it seems like I can’t find time to eat here, though, from the outside it looks so inviting.

The shop has a very “childhood fantasy” interior — bright, pastel-y, powder blue walls, and party “banderitas” hanging above the counter. By the window is a miniature tea party setup that is enclosed by a fence with an actual mailbox on it.

Uncovering Eden - Stacy's Bonifacio Global City

Uncovering Eden - Stacy's Bonifacio Global City

Uncovering Eden - Stacy's Bonifacio Global City

Dainty, cute and very charming — those words popped in my head as soon as I got inside. I felt a sudden cheery vibe within me that is quite rare when entering a shop. There is something about how the choices of music being played (anime music and such) affected how I felt the whole time I was there. There is a certain airy feeling that made it feel like everything is light again.

Though, mainly, their customers are families with kids, I think it also caters to kids at heart, like me. I always long to relive my childhood days—wanting to feel that innocence and have that “I don’t care about the world” attitude.  I would like to thank Stacy’s for that.

Uncovering Eden - Stacy's Bonifacio Global City

Uncovering Eden - Stacy's Bonifacio Global City

Uncovering Eden - Stacy's Bonifacio Global City

First, I would like to apologize for the photo. I did not instantly notice that the rice is shaped like a heart. Badly wanting to eat the food, I just breezed through the photographing phase.

Uncovering Eden - Stacy's Stacy Jones
Stacy Jones | php 240

Stacy Jones‘ beef is so tender, so easy to grind. Plus, the addition of the vinegar sealed the deal for me. The sweet and sour flavours battling inside your mouth, giving you the best fight there could be. The scrambled egg is also well-cooked. It is almost bland, like the usual eggs, but when you pour a bit vinegar into it, it immediately comes to life.

Uncovering Eden - Stacy's BGC Triple Chocolate Milkshake
Triple Chocolate Milkshake | php 125

This cold dessert, Triple Chocolate Mikshake, is so saccharine. It surely lives up to its name. The decadence of the chocolate flavor is evident in every sip.

Uncovering Eden - Stacy's Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore | php 220

Jersey Shore is basically a bacon and cheese sandwich, cut into half with poached egg on top. Served alongside it is a strawberry jam. I love the fusion of the salty ham and cheese and the sweetness of the jam. Plus, the way its served in a chopping board is so adorable.

Uncovering Eden - Stacy's - Choco Lava with Ice Cream
Choco Lava With Ice Cream | php 145

Now for the best parts of every meal, cake and ice cream. Choco Lava with Ice Cream is a marriage of my favorite desserts forming a single treat. Warm, dark brown choco indulgence with a suprise inside. To be honest, the ice cream is just the cherry on top. I won’t mind having the choco lava alone, but Stacy’s adding them into the mix is just pure heaven to me. This truly is sweetness overload, which I am a obviously a lover of.  The way the chocolate oozes from the thinnest slice and how it tempts you to eat in within a few minutes—Stacy’s has seem to have that perfected. In addition to that, the strawberry syrup added a new flavor into it.

The crew are amazing! They let me walk around and take snapshots I need for this article. We even had a few talks here and there. This adds more charm to this already cozy all-day breakfast cafe.

I am so mad at myself to just have tried this restaurant just now.  Stacy’s has all the qualities I look for in an amazing restaurant—great food, lovely interior and a very accommodating staff. Clearly, Stacy’s is on a league of its own. There’s nothing in BGC that is like it — a unique food experience in this vast metropolis.

I feel like it has the potential to be my comfort place when adulting gets hard. From now on, Stacy’s will be my “happy” place— like Central Perks to FRIENDS and Maclaren’s to How I Met Your Mother. I can already see myself coming back regularly with all the memories of that certain week written in my laptop’s notes, blasting off a playlist I listen to when I want to embrace my solitude and just ponder on life in general. Stacy’s has that certain quality, a homey feel, a comfort that is rarely present in most restaurants.