Noodle Nights Series: Ramen Nagi

Responsibility – one word that has a lot of weight to it. I am about turn 27 and I’m eyeing to have an insurance because let’s face it, we won’t know how long are we able to work. And now that I am at my prime, I want to have an investment that would benefit me and my loved ones in the future.

I am waiting outside Ramen Nagi. I am sitting beside the open doors and the air is a little strong tonight. My phone that I have been holding keeps on buzzing, a sign that my friend is about to come. It’s a little known fact that I used to be always late in meetings but tonight I want to start being early. A form of maturity I want to master.

He soon walks in and greets me as soon as I turn to him. We choose to sit in the corner so we can talk and hear each other clearly. What’s good about our relationship is that we have surpassed that financial adviser-client relationship, we have actually become friends in the process.

The wait staff hands us a large pictured menu and a notepad we can use to jot down our orders. As a frequent patron of this ramen joint, I decide to stick with my usual, butao king ramen. I know, I should spice things up and change what I want at some point but it’s so delicious it has been my comfort food. My friend orders midori ramen. I know “midori” means green because I used to have a background in Nihongo. It really comes in handy when ordering. LOL

While waiting for the ramen to come, we start to talk about some updates in our lives. We share a lot of things stories that keeps disappearing on thin air. Getting it out of your system is like therapy and to actually finding someone who listens, now that’s a friend for keeps.

Out of nowhere, a hand places the ramen in front of us, interrupting the flow of conversation we’re building up.

There is a certain smell to Ramen Nagi’s butao king. You’ll know its from them once that aroma hits your nose. A bowl of happiness is in front of me but it can wait. I must take a picture of it first. So, from every angle possible I take snapshots of the very instagrammable ramen before finally eating it.

Most of us know how their butao ramen tastes like. Its saltiness depends on how you want the richness is. Tonight I choose the heavier side. I want to sip all of that richness in the broth. I want it to warm my insides like a boy prepping up for a winter hibernation. Not usually a loud eater but in Japanese traditions the louder you slurp the more you appreciate the food. So with all of my might, every sip I take, I make sure is the loudest possible.

Ramen Nagi Butao King Ramen

We sweat a little because of its heat and at the rate of how fast we’re actually devouring this wonderful dinner.

I cut the tamago I added in half and let the yolk soak in the warm broth. I love when the yolk somehow liquifies and creates this wonderful abstract wave before finally mixing in. The thin slices of pork slowly drown and almost sinks to the bottom of the bowl. I salvage one after the other with my chopsticks and eat it in between the noodles.

By the time, I lifted my head up and checked on how my friend’s doing, I was surprised he’s almost done. I ask him how does his ramen tastes like. So he allowed me to have a try. It tastes like what a pesto pasta would taste like when it’s become a ramen. Its a little minty and salty at the same time. I kind of dig it.

Ramen Nagi Midorio Green King Ramen

Ramen Nagi is a household name when it comes to Japanese food. And I keep reminding myself why so I can go back here over and over again like it’s my first time. Don’t forget to bring a friend when going.  Always keep in mind that the best conversations happen over a great set of food.

Before that night ended, I signed the contract. I now have a life insurance and an investment. Know that I am not in any way related to a finance adviser, I just want this story to help you think about what to do in the future. I have lost my way before but I want to get it back on track. 🙂