Mendokoro Ramenba Has Found its New Home in BGC

Mendokoro Ramenba has taken Makati by storm, marking itself on the number one spot as the best ramen place in the said metropolis.

And just this June, Mendokoro Ramenba has found a new home in Bonifacio Global City—same taste, same flavour in a different location.

It’s the latest talk-of-the-town in the concrete jungle. People anticipated its opening so much that every time I go there, endless line of people stand both inside and outside the ramen house.

For a year now, I have been a frequent customer of Mendokoro Ramenba. I endure the hassle of commuting from a different town to Makati City just to have a taste of heaven. And now that its here in a city nearer to where I currently reside, of course, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit it.

Uncovering Eden - Mendokoro Ramenba

On  a Saturday, June 2nd, Mendokoro Ramenba’s second day, I dropped by the flocked restaurant. As expected, it’s easier to get seats when there’s no office lunch hour madness. Numerous people are lining up, but the service is fast and efficient, that I got in in less than 5 minutes.

I ordered my favourite, Tantanmen Ramen with an extra tamago. This has been my staple order. My friend ordered Shoyu Ramen, which honestly, would be my second choice. We ordered 2 pairs of gyoza to munch on to while waiting for the main course. Other patrons (who happened to be my friends) told me to try out Super Chashu. Maybe I will try it the next time I go here to dine.

Uncovering Eden - Mendokoro Ramenba Gyoza

The gyoza is meticulously placed in a long shiny ceramic plate. The minced meat is enclosed in a delicate wrap. This snack is perfect with the condiment served alongside it.

Uncovering Eden - Mendokoro Ramenba Tantanmen Ramen

The Tantanmen Ramen was served after 5 minutes. The steaming hot ramen was placed in a granite-coloured bowl. It’s  orange-yellowish broth looks almost golden in contrast of the dark container. And the piece of vegetable in the center looks like a castle adrift in the middle of a moat.

The broth tastes a little sweet and salty at first. Maybe because of the super rich cream infused in it—but the aftertaste is a tad spicy. I am into spicy food. Whenever I sweat when eating only means it’s I am having a very transcendental experience.

And the meat is just the cherry on top. The minced meat is easy to chew and is so tender, eating it is almost effortless.

Uncovering Eden - Mendokoro Ramenba Shoyu Ramen

Uncovering Eden - Mendokoro Ramenba Tamago

On the other hand, Shoyu Ramen, another renowned flavour, is topped with thick meat, bamboo shoots (menma) and cut spring onions. The colour in comparison to Tantanmen is a lot paler. But don’t let it fool you as its broth is as rich as the other.

This ramen is on the salty side but is just enough to make you eat every noodle and sip the broth til its dry.

Once you cut the meat in pieces, the oil comes out and the taste gets a lot juicier.

To top it all off—the egg once the yolk’s liquified goodness is mixed on both ramen—just takes it to a different level of a gastronomic experience. 

Uncovering Eden - Mendokoro Ramenba

Uncovering Eden - Mendokoro Ramenba

That’s how amazing Mendokoro Ramenba’s food is. The fast and apt pace of all things makes the experience so spontaneous—matched with heavenly moments of unadulterated and sinful food indulgence will make you write this ramen house on top of your go-to places in the whole Metro.