M Bakery, A Bite of New York City

Magnolia Bakery or M Bakery, my gateway to experiencing my favorite tv series, Sex and the City. They are world-renowned for a scene where Miranda Hobbes and Carrie Bradshaw were eating cupcakes from their bakery. This tv series has been my religion for the longest time. I watch it during my down time or whenever I experience a writer’s block.

SATC has always been there, giving me real-life situations simplified into monologues where Carrie just wonders as she types on her trusty laptop. As a blogger who writes almost 70 percent of his life, I can definitely relate to her.

Anyhoo, M Bakery is located at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, in the newly-built One Bonifacio High Street. It just had opened last August 22 and the lines had been crazy since then. It has definitely taken BGC by storm.

Uncovering Eden - M Bakery

Uncovering Eden - M Bakery

Uncovering Eden - M Bakery

Some people wait for the new phone to come out and some may even go in line for hours for a newly-released shoe design, but then there’s me, a 27-year old guy who will patiently wait for a cupcake.

The long line can be a little tiring. Get it from me, a person who doesn’t like unwanted chatters near my ears, I assure you, the wait is really worth it.

I remember this guy who went almost person-to-person to just tell us to be a little considerate when ordering for everyone to experience their famous banana pudding. That’s how you take care of customers.

Once inside, seafoam green-colored walls will welcome you with a little dash of whimsy. The sections of the dessert counters are written in a board hanged on the ceiling along with the light fixtures. On its back, are wall shelves with various cakes in various colors. On the opposite side, a marble table lies quietly by the tall windows. And adjacent to it, is a souvenir shelf filled with M bakery’s collectibles.

The interior is so quaint and dainty, I can actually associate it with Carrie Bradshaw’s personality.

Uncovering Eden - Banana Pudding
Banana Pudding

First thing I ordered is their famous banana pudding. I only bought the small one because I honestly would love to try other desserts off their menu. This delicious treat is so milky and creamy. It is reminiscent of our staple dessert, graham cake. Maybe because of the ground bread buried below the thick whipped cream with slices of banana mixed in it. It also tastes a little similar to a banoffee cake but instead of cake it is more of an ice cream. The only thing I regret about ordering this is the size I chose. Clearly, small is not enough for me. This sweet confection should be bought in larger sizes.

Uncovering Eden - Double Fudge Brownie
Double Fudge Brownie 

Double fudge brownie is a chocolate lover’s dream. It’s dark brown color signifies the richness of chocolate in it. A pinch of lemon can be tasted—or maybe I was just dreaming—in this super decadent dessert.

Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Buttercream

This velvety chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream is so tender and delicate. I decided to scoop the icing by my index finger and tried to retrace its swirl — too bad I couldn’t. The only thing I do best is devouring this dessert less than two minutes. It’s that good!

Uncovering Eden - M Bakery

Uncovering Eden - M Bakery

To M Bakery, I would like to thank you for letting me experience a bite of New York City —and Sex and the City—with treats wrapped in cute packagings. I can already attest to the fact that I will be a regular customer. You’ll be able to find me here, whenever I want to have a pinch of pure sweetness in this usually bittersweet world. Or whenever I wanna channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw.

But as I write this article, I  wonder, “In a place so busy like Bonifacio Global City, can desserts help people slow down and appreciate the sweet side of life?”