Locavore for the Rainy Days

Christmas Season, though festive, can also bring in some rain. And everyone is looking for a refuge for their sudden gluttonous cravings during these times. There is something about the rain and Christmas that make people feel always hungry—always looking for a place to eat. I know this for a fact because, I too am a victim of this. Thank goodness for the numerous restaurants in BGC that I can go to whenever. Locavore, for one, has suddenly swoon me over.

Locavore is actually our beautiful, little discovery. It’s my first time eating here and thank heavens, the store I first intended to go was closed. Definitely, a blessing in disguise. I went in at around 5PM looking for an afternoon snack that ended in a 3-hour stay. It’s that good!

Uncovering Eden - Locavore

The place is low-lit, with benches in the corners and tables and chairs in the middle. The chairs do not have follow a yellow and gray color scheme whilst the plates bring more colors in the mix.

I also noticed that their crew were named after celebrities. I started to ponder why one was named Daniel P. Then a Gerald A. came in to usher us. That’s when I knew that they were named after local artists (Which, I find cool, to be honest.)

Uncovering Eden - Locavore Champorado ni Speedy
Champorado ni Speedy | php 190

I ordered Champorado ni Speedy which came in an unexpected plating. It was in a wide pan with an overflowing amount of flour. Not to mention the whipped cream in the middle of this sweet treat. I began to mix in the evaporated and condensed milk into the pan and the once dark brown glutinous rice slowly turned into a lighter shade.

Not to exaggerate things, but this is probably one of the best versions of champorado that I have tasted. We are so used to using powdered milk as our toppings that it is nice to experience it with a different kind of twist.
Street Food Platter | php 190

Another staple Filipino snack,Street Food Platter, is a pan filled with kwek-kwek, squid balls, fish balls and kikiam. It tasted like the usual but the sauce are sort of special. This one is best ordered when you wanna stay longer and the conversations demand you to binge eat something while chit-chatting.

Uncovering Eden - Locavore Lechon Mami
Lechon Mami | php 250

My friend chose Lechon Mami as her meal for that afternoon. It was served in this dainty, black ceramic bowl. The colors certainly rose to the occasion. The richness is evident with the colors of the egg and meat.

The taste is somewhat salty but that’s how a mami tastes like. The broth is creamy, as well.

Pandesal Pudding | php 175
Pandesal Pudding, was the last plate on our table. We were already full when it arrived. We thought we won’t be able to finish it but of course, we did. Do not underestimate this glutton. It tasted just like how I expected it to be. The decadence and creaminess of the custard soaks the pandesal giving it a sweetness to it. And the cheese and salted egg give it some contrast.
Locavore has officially swept me off my feet. The fact that it is tucked away in BGC is a major point for me. I like some peace and quiet when I eat and its location is just perfect for people like me. Then the food is beyond satisfying. You really get what you paid for and so much more.