Little Flour: My New Obsession

Little Flour suddenly became my go-to cafe for the last two days. Though it’s usually flocked with customers, it’s still is my number one choice. Maybe something about the way the whole cafe is designed or maybe it has that certain jenesaisquoi—I am so drawn to it—like a moth to a flame.

It is situated in the lobby of World Plaza, a newly-built building in Bonifacio Global City. One thing you’d easily notice is the set of chairs hanging on the ceiling which serves as their chandeliers. 

Near the glass doors and tall windows is a counter full of their pastries. This automatically puts me in the mood. It feels like I have walked in on a random French cafe—wanting to have a baguette for brunch.

The cafe is quirky yet comfy. Various chairs of various colors hang on the ceiling and below is an industrial-type setup that adds this somehow Neo-New York feel. Large couches frame the corners with tall windows that create a wider illusion of the area. It is so aesthetically ambiguous, it looks so chic.

Uncovering Eden - Little Flour - Ensaimada Bread Pudding
Ensaimada Bread Pudding | php 260

This Ensaimada Bread Pudding was the first to arrive on our mahogany-painted wooden table. The melting cheese oozed on the sides of the pearly-white container. We decided to slice it at the same time on both ends and had a mouthful of this tempting dessert.

A spoonful can already make you feel a little full—it’s that thick! The cream once poured into the mix can make the ensaimada into  a whole new experience. The mixture of sweet and salty tugs all of the areas your tastebuds can recognize. They have really knocked this one out of the park. I can actually imagine myself eating this every single day as dessert.
Sisig Rice Bowl Little Flour
Sisig Rice Bowl | php 420

For our main meal this lunch time is their Sisig Rice Bowl. At first, I was a little stoked to see it being delivered to us. Then I realize, I can’t eat this much. And that I might have gotten myself into trouble in ordering such a huge serving for just two people. But I love a good challenge so I cracked the egg open and mixed it into the bowl then started eating this large serving.

This is quite different from all the sisig that I have tasted. Finally, a sisig that has not a very oily feel to it. With pieces of chicharon, this meal is a total powerhouse. As we delved into our conversations, we unknowingly scooped the bowl until there’s no more. I guess what made me love it so much is because of its crunchy meat paired with the soft brown rice. Now, I get the reason why its their famous dish. Two out of two. Little Flour has really surpassed my expectations.

My next encounter happened the next evening.  Everything is  a lot quieter now. No office rush hour madness, just us under the softly lit room with subtle music playing in the background.
Bicol Express Little Flour
Bicol Express Rice Bowl | php 380

I don’t usually eat rice for supper but Little Flour has gotten me under a spell—to make things short, I gave in. First meal we ordered for the cold night was this Bicol Express Bowl. It doesn’t look like the usual dish, which normally is covered in white coconut sauce. It however looks like a different Filipino dish called pinakbet. Maybe it’s a fusion of two and we curiously tested how it tasted. To our surprise, it tasted so delicious. The perfect mixture of crispy pork belly, french beans, eggplant and tomatoes have created this balance of sourness and saltiness that lingers in your mouth and your tastebuds will surely crave once eaten.

Pork Adobo Rice Little Flour
Pork Adobo Rice | php 450

It felt we needed one more meal just to celebrate the week away. We again held the menus and debated which one to order. In the end, we agreed to order their Pork Adobo Rice. Once the plate was served, I initiated to mix the egg onto the rice. There’s something relaxing when I do this. I am not exactly certain on what it is. Maybe it’s the aroma or maybe its the colors forming gradually as the ingredients are mixed in together.

The pork adobo strips are so tender and crisp at the same time. It’s like eating two different meats, all at once. The egg added texture and introduced a new flavor to the mix.
Mango Pavlova Little Flour
Mango Pavlova | php 200

And to top off everything, we ordered one last time. Mango Pavlova looks a little like Brazo de Mercedes (another favorite cake variant). Once in your mouth, bursts of meringue and mango bits explode and give you this awesome tug of flavors of sour and sweet. In a matter of five minutes or less, we have devoured the whole slice of this pure deliciousness.

Over the course of two days and two meals, Little Flour has definitely won my heart. It has perfected the trifecta of an astounding restaurant—great location, great food and great ambiance.