Gastro Guide: A Binondo Food Guide

Binondo, the town of colorful lanterns and preserved Chinese culture. But what people are starting to realize now is that its also a food hub with rich Chinese-influenced cuisines. Me and other bloggers from all over the Metro gathered up and had a very gastronomic experience in our beloved hangout spot.

Tralulu, an emerging travel company helped us narrow down our numerous ideal food shops to try out.


Ying-Ying Tea House

This is best go-to place if you’re looking for the best dumplings in the Metro!

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Uncovering Eden Binondo Restaurants Ying-Ying Tea House

Shanghai Fried Siopao

Fried siopao is really a thing. You may not know it, but the bun is crispier and the meat is still tender like the usual siopao we have grown to know. Shanghai Fried Siopao serves the best in Binondo for such a low price!

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Uncovering Eden Binondo Restaurants Fried Shanghai Siopao

Lan Zhou La Mien

This restaurant offers hand-pulled noodles with a family recipe that really have this rich and flavorful taste.

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Uncovering Eden Binondo Restaurants Lan Zhou La Mien

Cafe Mezzanine

If you’re into desserts then you should put this on your list. They offer the best in the whole Binondo. When you’re here, you can have some down time from the hustle and bustle of this thriving shopping district.

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Uncovering Eden Binondo Restaurants Cafe Mezzanine

Dong Bei Dumplings

Are you a dumpling lover? Dong Bei has the freshest, most delicious dumplings I have ever tasted. It has been a personal favorite since I was in college and I frequent this store yearly.

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Uncovering-Eden-Dong Bei Dumplings

Frog Legs at Estero

Have you ever imagined eating frogs? Well, if you are an adventurer when it comes to food, then you can test yourself at Estero because they have some of the most-experimental food around the Metro.

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Uncovering-Eden-Frog Legs at Estero

Special thanks to iDiscover App for this unique Binondo experience. They specialize in Hong Kong maps, so if ever you’re there you can download their app so you’ll know a more intrinsic view of where to go and what to do in a specific HK district.

You can download their app here: iDiscover App

Binondo Restaurants iDiscover-App

Let me know the food joints in Binondo that you like in the comments section, so I can also try them out in the next coming weeks!