Cocina Peruvia: an Introduction to Festive Peru

What do you do when you’re stuck under a heavy rainfall? If you’re thinking about food then your guess is as good as mine. I had the pleasure of discovering what seem to be is an underrated dining place in Bonifacio Global City. Cocina Peruvia is nestled between a bank and another food establishment.

The exterior is bedazzled with colorful lights hanging above a low-lying ceiling with tables and high chairs for cocktail drinks. I know, you might be wondering is there food inside? Yes, definitely there is. And it is one hell of a cuisine. Let me take you to a very “Coco”-inspired location with a food that’s as festive as its design.

Uncovering Eden - Cocina Peruvia - 04

Uncovering Eden - Cocina Peruvia - 01

Uncovering Eden - Cocina Peruvia - 02

Uncovering Eden - Cocina Peruvia - 03

Inside lies rows and rows of tables and lights that give the whole room a certain ambiance. Festive and lively, Cocina Peruvia knows how to give their customers a visual experience.

I sat near the frozen windows because of the bokeh effect it creates of the lights outside. Perusing the menu, I’ve learned that I am not aptly knowledgeable about Peruvian cuisine. In short, I was dumbfounded. For the first time, I did not know what to order. So, I asked the clerk to kindly come and tell me the best ones to order for a first-timer. With a smile on her face and ambiguity on her eyes, she told me that I should pick between Adobo Peruvia and Lomo Saltado. She further explained that the latter is quite similar to Beef Salpicao. It’s a done deal. I know that moment that I will have a taste of Lomo Saltado. Adobo seems a bit too familiar to me because it’s already a staple here in the Philippines and I would love to try something new.

While I was waiting, I added a dessert to complete my lunch. I ordered Alfajores, which is basically an ice cream with dulce de leche and alfajores pulvoron.

The food came in after 10 minutes or so. I was too busy getting decent interior shots that would give this lovely restaurant some justice.

Uncovering Eden - Cocina Peruvia - Lomo Saltado
It was still super hot when it was served. I can still see smokes coming out of it. I guess, it’s a lovely element to take a photograph of. Lomo Saltado consists of beef tenderloin, onions, tomatoes and fried potatoes. Carefully crafted in a single plate, this lunch meal is too instagrammable.

I pierced a fork into the loin and into the potato and gave it a try. Flavors of saltiness and sourness travel through my then famished tastebuds. Felt like I’ve been longing for this taste for so long. I am so used to eating sweets that I almost forgot how much I love a variety of food. For 290 pesos, this piece of heaven is surely worth every cent.

Uncovering Eden - Cocina Peruvia - Alfajores

Then just in the nick of time, my chosen dessert came. It is served in a obsidian wooden plate with a very unique plating. The ice cream is like Samson trapped in between two sturdy walls. It is charming and different at the same time. Creativity really gives you a new appreciation to the arts of food.

In a matter 5 minutes or less, I have already devoured the entirety of this dessert. I cracked the bland-tasting biscuits, dipped it in the ice cream and munched on it. I guess the contrast of the naturally sweet gelato and the blandness of the cracker made a powerful combination.

The next time I come here, I will bring my closest friends to let them experience a new type of cuisine we are not really used to but is deserving of our attention. Thanks, Cocina Peruvia. It was a lovely trip to Peru.