Caravan Black Coffee: A Charming Specialty Cafe

There are tons of coffee shop here in Bonifacio Global City. Some are commercial and some are artisanal. And in the heart of the bustling Bonifacio Global City lies a very unique and quaint specialty cafe. Caravan Black Coffee started their operations back in 2016.

Caravan Black Coffee’s interior is like no other. I call it the “modern eclectic”. The wall facing outside is painted with a world map and a high-rise ceiling with industrial lighting fixtures hanging all over the shop. The tables are either ceramic or wood with chic lamps sitting on top of it. One wall is covered with “makeshift” worded wallpaper matched with tall stools. I also noticed little accents scattered that gives the interior design more character.

Uncovering Eden - Caravan Black Coffee 03

Uncovering Eden - Caravan Black Coffee 01

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Uncovering Eden - Caravan Black Coffee 02

I have visited this charming cafe a few times already. It can be a little chaotic outside, especially during weekdays but somehow Caravan Black Coffee manages to block that out. Certainly, it has created a world of its own—a zone detached from the outside. With it’s lo-fi music on loop and the sweet aroma of coffee bean grounded til it is powder-thin. The under the breath talks and the sound of flipping papers create a soothing ambiance.

Uncovering Eden - Chickpea & Garlic Yogurt
Chickpea & Garlic Yogurt | Php 320

My friend ordered Chickpea and Garlic Yogurt  which is consisted of sautéed chickpeas, garlic and onion grain mix, egg, pickled radish and tomatoes, garlic yogurt and shallots.

Uncovering Eden - Noel Hot Coffee - Caravan Black Coffee
Noel | Php 150
Uncovering Eden - Jack Frost - Caravan Black Coffee
Jack Frost | Php 150

Now for their Christmas offering, they crafted two delightful drinks named, Noel and Jack Frost. Noel is a warm hug in a cup made of homemade wild cinnamon, Maverick espresso, steamed milk, topped with caramelized muscovado sugar. Jack Frost is also made of homemade wild cinnamon, Maverick espresso, milk and a dash of cream.

Uncovering Eden - Naked Chorizo - Caravan Black Coffee
Naked Chroizo | php 360

I ordered Naked Chorizo. After an afternoon of walking and roaming around BGC for a photowalk I felt like I needed something heavy. And I don’t know if its just because I’m famished but that time it was the most heavenly food I have ever eaten. Brown and red rice mixed with quinoa created a new texture of rice for me. Plus, the inclusion of kimchi made the taste super dynamic. Imagine the sweetness of chorizo blending in perfectly with the sour and tangy kimchi.

Uncovering Eden - Amigo - Caravan Black Coffee
Amigo | Php 130 (7 oz) , Php 150 (10 oz)

Now onto my personal favorite, Amigo, is one of the most ordered beverages at Caravan Black Coffee is a mix of coffee, chocolate and marshmallows. It’s sweet with a punch. Perfect for an early morning energy boost and if you’re wanting to have that extra push for a very long night.

Uncovering Eden - Hot Chocolate - Caravan Black Coffee
Chocolate | Php 135 (7 oz) , Php 150 (10 oz)

Their Chocolate has a richness to it. I actually am a fan of dark chocolate rather than the sweeter ones. There are days where I have reached my limits on coffee intakes, and dark chocolate can be a good substitute to it. It has a kick and a boost that I need for extra energy and life. And who wouldn’t love an art drawn on top of their cups?

Uncovering Eden - Penne Rose - Caravan Black Coffee
Penne Rosé | Php 285

We did not plan to have Penne Rosé as an additional top-up for our already gluttonous night. But hey, it’s better to try everything off the menu. At least, we can take some home afterwards. This pasta has a very tangy and creamy tomato sauce with bacon cuts sprinkled on it. Overall, it is okay. Maybe I was too full when it was served on our table and my palate was already heavily-influenced by the meals that came before it. I will still commend it for you to try, as well. But do not go crazy on the orders like I did. Haha. I kid sometimes.

Uncovering Eden - Croissant and Kaya - Caravan Black Coffee
Croissant & Kaya | Php 130

Croissant & Kaya is a familiar territory to us. If you’ve been to Singapore, you probably have tried Kaya Toast, for it is a staple breakfast meal there. The twist here is the bread. Croissant is an unusual choice but it works in this situation. The crisp and crusty French bread compliments the spread.

Uncovering Eden - Caravan Tuna Melt - Caravan Black Coffee
Caravan Tuna Melt | Php 350

And for our shared meal, we have chosen Caravan Tuna Melt. From the get-go, you’ll easily get enticed with how thick the melted cheese is—escaping the toasted breads squeezing it. On its side, are crunchy potato chips. The creamy and salty against the naturally sweet bread is a perfect combo especially if you’re looking for something to eat that’s not too heavy but still can fill your famished tummy.

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Uncovering Eden - Caravan Black Coffee 06

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Uncovering Eden - Caravan Black Coffee 09

Caravan Black Coffee slowly creeped on to my list of favorite coffee shops in the city. It’s definitely an oasis in the middle of a bustling city. Whenever I want to detach from the concrete jungle I go here. Yes, it is inside the concrete jungle but their interior, coffee and food will make you feel like you are elsewhere.