Cafe Enye: Bringing the Spanish Flair Back

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you may already notice that 70% of the time, I am eating somewhere in Bonifacio Global City. Not only because it’s near, but I feel safe walking around with my camera strapped on my shoulder. Plus, the food in this little city is so diverse, you can basically eat anything from around the world here.

One Saturday afternoon, I tried downloading the Eatigo app, perused it for possible discounts and found Cafe Enye. Cafe Enye is a budding restaurant in BGC, but it has an existing branch in Eastwood. It serves signature fusion dishes heavily-influenced by Spanish cuisine—which to be honest, is not is not my usual go-to food. I’m more of a Japanese or Korean food kind of foodie but it never hurts to try something new.

With Eatigo—a mobile app for foodies on a budget like I am—I was able to pay my orders at Cafe Enye for 30% off.

Cafe Enye is located at the mezzanine floor of Citi Plaza Building in BGC. Warm colors used on the graffiti-painted wall, a neon signage of the quote “Good food, good meat, good friends, let’s eat!”, and industrial lighting fixtures compose Cafe Enye’s eclectic interior. The design is a bit risqué using playful accents but its chicness overpowers it all. The ambiance is very homey yet outdoorsy at the same time.

Uncovering Eden - Cafe Enye BGC 03

Uncovering Eden - Cafe Enye BGC 01

Uncovering Eden - Cafe Enye BGC 02

Uncovering Eden - Cafe Enye BGC 05

Uncovering Eden - Cafe Enye BGC 04

I ordered Lechon Carbonara. Carbonara serves as a comfort food when I don’t know much about a restaurant. The pasta is creamy and a bit briny from the egg, cheese and lechon extracts. And I just have to commend its plating. It looks like the egg is in the middle of a moat of pasta which is surrounded by lechon strips. The lechon meat is crunchy and the ham is tender. They add texture to the smoothness of the carbonara pasta. Definitely worth every cent.

Uncovering Eden - Cafe Enye Lechon Carbonara
Lechon Carbonara | php 275

My cousin chose Longganisa as his meal. I asked him how it tasted. And he told me that the longganisa meat is tender, sweet, and peppery. The dilis as a siding provides the saltiness to round up its complete experience.

Uncovering Eden - Cafe Enye Handcrafted Garlicky Longganisa Brunch Plate
Handcrafted Garlicky Longganisa Brunch Plate | php 275

And for our dessert, both of us unanimously picked Chouxros with Dulce De Leche Cream. It came in a honey-coloured ceramic plate with 2 dips available (gooey chocolate and a whipped cream with caramel syrup), plus  4 pretzel-looking churros. The churros is crunchy and soft at the same time. If you’d ask me, I can eat the bread alone. It is that tasty. But of course, with the addition of the dips, it enriches the flavor even more. This is a great way to end our afternoon meal. A perfect palate cleanser.

Uncovering Eden - Cafe Enye Chouxros with Dulce De Leche Cream
Chouxros with Dulce De Leche Cream | php 170

I have no reservations about Spanish cuisine anymore, all thanks to this lovely restaurant. Cafe Enye has gained a new fan in me. Their food selection is quite usual, but how they put twists in it will make you want to try everything on their menu! So if you’re a foodie on a budget like me, head on to Cafe Enye and experience a piece of Spain on your plate.