Binondo Food Crawl: Ying-Ying Tea House

I arrived at 3 PM, joining the second group of foodies that will go throughout the whole Binondo to experience their rich food culture. I sit on the lone empty chair between two unfamiliar people. They are already halfway through eating that made me feel a little embarrassed for coming late. I take out my camera out my duffel bag and start to take photographs of the food.

In the middle of arranging the food for my camera, the guide ask me to introduce myself. After letting out an awkward grin, I find myself speaking uncontrollably. I feel comfortable speaking all of a sudden. Usually, I stay mum when meeting new people but this group feels different. For the first time, I feel at home with them. For the last time, I bust a laugh before sitting down again.

Before I start eating, I decided to take out my small, yellow notepad and jot down the names of the food I will be devouring in a few minutes. I promise myself that from now on, I will write down my thoughts and ideas ’cause I usually forget them after a few moments.

I split my chopsticks into two, making that tiny cracking noise. Also tried to be dainty in getting the food so they won’t know how famished I am.  First, I pick up a piece of pork siomai.

Ying Ying Tea House Pork Siomai

After preparing the sauce, I dip the siomai in it and take a small bite on its edge. The pungent taste of the sauce mixed with the thickness of pork made it a delightful one. It’s unlike any other I have tasted, and I have tasted a lot of siomais in my life. Every bite feels heavy because of its meatiness. I end up eating all four.

The rotating table circle around one more time before I get the chance to get a bowl of pork and mushroom dumpling.

Uncovering Eden Ying-Ying Tea House Pork with Mushroom Dumpling

This one is a little longer in size than the previous one I ate. So I delicately bite it in half and try to grind it with finesse. This tastes a lot more sublime, almost unnoticeable until it takes a few seconds to travel through all your taste buds.

Uncovering Eden Ying-Ying Tea House Hakao

This one is quite familiar with us Filipinos — chicken feet or as what we call it, “adidas” is another food off their menu. It’s sweet-flavored dip compliments this grilled snack.

Uncovering Eden Ying-Ying Tea House Chicken Feet

Rice roll is the last piece on our table. It is composed of a delicate, almost transparent covering with a shrimp inside. I cut the roll into two and eat in half.  I let the salty soy sauce saturate my tongue before fully chewing the soft shrimp meat. Don’t ask the number of pieces I actually ate because you would realize how much of a glutton I am.

Uncovering Eden Ying-Ying Tea House Rice Roll

It is evident how happy the people eating inside are when you look at them from outside. You know that this restaurant is doing the right job in providing probably the best dumplings in the Metro.

Uncovering Eden Ying-Ying Tea House Facade

Address: 233-235 Dasmarinas Corner Yuchengco Street, Binondo, Manila

Phone Numbers: (02) 3109031 | (02) 3872797