A Jin Joo Korean Grill Kind of Weekend

How do you usually spend your weekends? Do you go out to hangout with friends, or maybe you like to eat alone at some fancy restaurants? For me, I like doing both. I like rewarding myself for a week’s worth of stress by dining out. Doing it alone is fine, but sharing it with friends is a lot more enjoyable — talking about your week, sharing about your plans or just even making up stories of the people walking by.

It’s a very humid Saturday. I guess the summer heat is finally kicking off. I find myself stuck in the mall walking around in circles just to kill off some time.

Eatigo, an app that caters to foodies, offers a good deal with Jin Joo Korean Grill. I have always seen Jin Joo Korean Grill as a very high-end that might empty my pockets. With this very useful app, I found a 50% discount off of any food that I am going to order.

The interior looks like a pastel dream — sea-foam green and  powder pink chairs look beautiful against the light brown wooden walls. Savory smells of meat getting slowly cooked overpower the whole room. People talking to each other laughing things off make me think that they are really enjoying this.

So I hastily pick out a place to sit. Yet again, I choose the one near the window.

A crew with the biggest smile, hands out their menu. The menu looks like something you see in a 5-star hotel—hardbound and glossy. Its setting off the bar so high for me right now.

We peruse the menu longer than we should. Its difficult to choose when you wanna eat them all. We banter back and forth on what to order but them get to a truce on getting afterwards. For the final time, we agree to choose food names.

The service seems quick as well. The wait staff got back to us within the first few minutes. She hands out the condiments and explaining how we can use them to maximize the dining experience. Cool. Another point for them.

She then places the marinated meat onto the steel pan — laying it out for us to just watch.

We continue to chatter as the beef slowly roasts in between us—that certain burnt smell starts to rise, reaching our sniffing noses.

I started spreading the lettuce, putting the meat after dipping it on the spicy sauce. Adding odeng (fish cake), and kimchi can also enrich this whole bite-sized snack.

Uncovering Eden Jinjoo Grill 04

The first bite is heavenly. The crunchy texture of the lettuce wraps the tender meat inside just waiting to get sliced. I repeat this procedure til there’s no more lettuce available. Good thing, all the condiments are unlimited! My number one rule when eating at a place like this is to never ever count how many wraps have I eaten. If I’m enjoying, then it must be that great. And guys, this is me talking myself out of feeling guilty towards my gluttony.

Samgyupsal is making it big in the food scene here in the Philippines. I, too, have been struck by the Korean bug. If there are more places like this that you know, you can share it to me. Whether in the comments section, a dm, a text message. We, foodies, need to unite to experience the best food places here and outside the metro.