The Magic of Disneyland

It was after we ate at Tim Ho Wan when we decided to go to Disneyland. We rode the MTR til Sunny Station and waited for the train specifically routed to the theme park.

I was like a kid on his tippy toes, waiting for Christmas day to arrive. With such hopes in my eyes, I patiently waited for the train to come and pick me up. To me, it was like reliving the movie, “The Polar Express“.

I smiled from ear-to-ear seeing the pearl-white train coaches with mickey mouse carvings on its windows. I have never seen such a cool train in my whole entire existence.

Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-02
Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-03Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-04

I hurriedly ran towards one of the seats near the window — had my photos taken and had imaginations of having real mickey ears.

We passed by docks with barges and ships that made the skyline so picturesque.

A few minutes more and we were dropped off at the foot of Disneyland. Tall green pillars with stunning designs welcomed us. Then we went upstairs where the magic started to unfold.

It was so surreal being in Disneyland. Never in my whole life have I thought of being here physically. The music played in the background as I continued to dream. With my eyes squinted, I watched the kids walk past me, thinking it was still just a vivid picture inside my head.

People from all over the globe gather together in the most magical place. I didn’t know how many photos have I photobombed that day. I seemed to get into everyone else’s cameras as I wander around, taking pictures of Disneyland in every angle, possible.

Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-06
Japanese students on their field trip.

Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-05

It was such a good day. We arrived just in time for the parade, and much to my surprise, almost half of the performers were Filipinos. Seeing them made me feel at home. It made me feel like I somehow belong in that particular moment. We exchanged smiles and nods as they walk towards my way. I could never explain how proud I felt seeing them perform.

We then wandered off aimlessly inside the theme park after the parade. We didn’t have any idea on where to go. We just walked restlessly, til we see something we can try.

Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-07
Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-08

Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-09

As the night grew darker, we watched performances of Lion King and some other musicals. It was so extravagant. From their costumes to its props, I couldn’t help but to stare in awe.

We waited for the main event, the fireworks display. People from every direction started to gather in front of Disney castle, anxiously waiting for the fireworks to light up the night sky. But before the pyromusical, we first watched the parade of Disney characters in colorful lights.

Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-10
Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-11
Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-12
Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-13
Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-14
Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-15
Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-16

That capped off the night for me. It made me feel some kind of magic – like I was a kid again, carefree and naive. Seeing it color the vast night skies left my mouth opened for quite a long time. There’s something about fireworks combined with the way the air moves that made the moment magical. Accompanied by changing holograms shown within the castle’s facade made it even more spectacular. It was worth every cent. Really.

We’re almost ready to leave when Disneyland pulled its last trick, snow. One of my ultimate dreams have come to life. It may be an artificial snow, but that night made it seem real. I looked up and closed my eyes. I tried to catch some by my hands, like a kid on the first day of winter.

Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-17
Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-18
Uncovering-Eden-Hong Kong-Disneyland-19
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A voice-over announced that the park will be closing in a few minutes which means that we have to leave. I was not ready to go home, but the moment was calling for it. I was always looking back as I walk farther from it. It went blurry as the distance grew until it became just a cluster of broken lights.

I realized one thing while we were inside the train — no matter how old you are, Disneyland will always reignite the kid in you.

Counting the days til I can go back there and enjoy it a little bit longer.