Terrific Night at Todd English Food Hall

High school friends — the people who know you best and the ones who build dreams with you — That’s how I see them. Whenever I get a little uncertain with my current circumstances, these people who are busy living their own adult lives, will get out of their way just to rescue you from your inevitable fall.

Things can get really hard during adulthood. I get somehow frustrated with the pace of how my personal life is going, with work and what-not. With a single message, a childhood friend working nearby, agrees to meet me — to try and pacify my rumbling mind.

Walking along the damp grounds with reflected city lights seemingly creating this alternate world, I come to breathe a little better. This is actually a therapy to me. Getting lost in the lights, picturing myself in a different realm, really clears my clouded mind. Stampede of wild thoughts seem to disappear. I recommend for you to do it, too. Just for one time, let yourself go in the midst of these blinding lights.

With a friend walking alongside me, I feel like this once lone time activity can work with a trusted ally. Exchanging of rants, sharing of goals, while getting buried in the sea of unknown faces makes you feel like you’re somehow wanting the universe to hear you, waiting for it to conspire with your mind, to make things happen for you.

Uncovering Eden - Todd English Uncovering Eden - Todd English

These kind of moments are best shared with food. So, we choose a place where we can really talk everything with a laid-back ambiance. This is where Todd English Food Hall came into the picture. I have always thought that this restaurant is too expensive for my liking, until I get to see the menu.

The menu is quite eclectic. From pasta to our favorite french dessert, macarons, they got you all covered. Even Japanese sushi is available for you to order.

The whole dining area is lit with faint yellowish colors that sets the whole intimate vibe. The staff asks us on where we wanna sit and of course, with my fascination with Ferris wheels, I opt to choose the one near it.

We are then handed a set of menus to peruse. My eyes go straight to their classic burger because I initially thought its not gonna be heavy. My friend choose the Brooklyn-style meatball spaghetti  which honestly is my second option.

Uncovering Eden - Todd English - Classic Burger 1
Classic Burger – 280 php

The food arrives and the seemingly endless chatter suddenly stops. I really find it funny how food, out of all the things in the world, can make all people drop everything that they are currently doing. That’s the real magic of food.

I first tried their fries, dipping it into the sauce placed beside it. It is delicate. There is a freshness to its taste, as well. The texture is not like the crunchy ones that you get in some fast food chains. This is the real deal. The taste is not too salty, as well, which I find lovely. I honestly do not like salty fries because they live a very stingy feeling on my lips.

Don’t get me started with the burger. The meat is pure bliss. It’s tender and thick at the same time. I finished it all in one go.

Uncovering Eden - Todd English - Brooklyn Style Meatball Spaghetti
Brooklyn-style Meatball Spaghetti – 390 php

Uncovering Eden - Todd English - OMG Chocolate Cake

Out of nowhere, a lady wearing black gets behind me. Much to my surprise, my old classmate from elementary is currently working there. She ask me what dessert do I like coz she’ll give it to me “on the house”. I choose the OMG chocolate cake which is the finest dessert off their menu.

At first glance, you’ll think that OMG looks a little like shit — pile of chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate syrup designed to make you perceive it as some sort of a human excrement. Chocolate crumbs and cereal balls are scattered on all its corners, as well. It’s literally going to be a “chocolate high“. The warmth of the cake against the frozen ice cream feels divine inside my mouth — almost felt like I melt together with it. This scrumptious dessert is a must-try when eating in Todd English Food Hall.

The conversation was metaphorically like the food we ate here. From bits of saltiness and sourness (spaghetti and burger with fries) to the decadent sweetness of the dessert, our talks went from rants to wants. Our food has somehow soften the blows of our previous frustrations and created these dreams for tomorrow we can look forward to.

A night of sharing, a night of reuniting with old friends, will always rejuvenate your weary soul. Make time for the people who know you best. Start listening. Share your dreams. Release your anger. They will understand. Because when you find friends who listen, you know you are in good company.

And you see how the universe will help you figure out things for you? That is the power of believing that there is someone up there, listening to your every heed, your every prayer, your every wish. One way or another, your wish will come into a reality. And your once “non-believing” self will start to see that if you just put yourself out there, everything you dream of will happen.