Paul Boulangerie: A Piece of Paris in Bonifacio Global City

I have been playing “Paris in the Rain” by Lauv over and over the whole week and it makes me imagine like I’m actually walking along the streets of ChampsÉlysées and Montmartre even though I’m just here in Bonifacio Global City. This song has been a catalyst for me to crave for Paris — anything French to be honest.  Thank goodness for this one Saturday that I walked pass this lovely cafe. Paul Boulangerie has been there all the time. I just noticed it’s lovely exterior and interior but thought it’s not affordable. Boy, was I wrong.

I push the door open at around 6 o’clock. I instantly notice the french jazzy music playing in the background which transported me to Paris in a heartbeat. The wait staff ask me the location I desire, so I choose the one near the tall windows. I’m a fan of eating and people-watching. I get the feeling of being inside a movie theater watching people as they live out their own characters in their respective stories.

The whole ambiance embodies class and opulence. From the colors of the walls to the chairs chosen, it really shouts a local Parisian cafe to me. There is nothing more lovely to my eyes than seeing pastel colors in harmony.

You will really think of it as very expensive, but in reality it’s not. I check over the menu and the food displayed on the counter and how they are presented makes me want to order them all. My eyes go straight to this triangular-shaped chocolate cake on top of the glass stand but still can not decide which to order.

The waitress hands me their menu and skim through the pages until I see the cake yet again. This time around, I’m sure that I want it. I ask for a cake slice and cafe gourmand, a large coffee with 3 mini macarons.

The first food to arrive is the Moelleux Chocolate. It is served in a simple white plate with crumbs gently falling down its sides. I cut my fork into it to get a piece. I slightly open my mouth and let the moist cake dissolve inside. It is so soft that I almost do not need to chew it. It’s not that sweet like the usual cakes but I dig it. It has a more tangy, dark chocolate taste to it.

Uncovering Eden - Paul Boulangerie Moelleux Chocolate

Then the arrival of Cafe Gourmand soon followed.  It is consisted of a big cafe latte cup with 3 pastel-colored macarons — chocolate, lemon and strawberry. The cafe latte has that bitter aftertaste which I look for in a coffee. The milk infused in it made it a little lighter, sweeter in a way. The macarons on the other hand, taste divine — almost heavenly, I believe. Interchanging flavors of sweetness and the fruity filling made me fall for it from the get-go. I can’t honestly pick a favorite.

Paul Boulangerie has a very accommodating crew, as well. We spend most of my time talking to each other, with me asking questions about the food I should buy the next time I visit them. My intent is to stay for only thirty minutes but I end up staying an hour or so.

I can’t help but to just sit down and take my time — like how French people spend their time on cafes and bistros. Guess time really flies when you’re in a place you love.

I’m now making a vow to come back for more “Parisian” kind of nights.