Early Christmas at Early Bird Breakfast Club

Early Bird Breakfast Club

It is getting closer  — Christmas day is almost just around the corner. Different restaurants are already launching their seasonal promos and of course being a sucker for the holidays, I have this uncontrollable urge to try them all out.

Every weekend, I make it sure that I can visit Bonifacio Global City. Its my comfort place in this hectic metropolis. So tonight I will try to have my dinner at Early Bird Breakfast Club, located at the Fort Strip.

Their restaurant is already decked out with Yuletide decors. Poinsettia flowers made from colorful papers scatter across all the tables with Christmas-themed music playing one after the other. I just love the feeling of Christmas. Everything is just easy and breezy. It is indeed the most joyful season of the year.

I settle myself in a couch against a tall mirror and peruse the menu. I call the wait staff and tell him what I want — puto bumbong pancake and carbonara.

Early Bird Breakfast ClubEarly Bird Breakfast Club

A few moments passed, and the food arrives. I move my head left and right to smell the meal served to me. I notice the design right away. The way the toppings are sprinkled all throughout is very thoughtful I think and how it is fused with the banana leaf makes it look more organic.

The puto bumbong pancake has melted butter on top that is trapped in the middle. On the side is a boxed cream cheese with fresh cut strawberries. It has the balanced amount of sweet and sour. It may look plain but the taste is very satisfying. I love how the butter slides down the cut edges and the spread toppings fall off from it.

Carbonara comes in a little shortly after I finished eating the pancake. Immediately, I smell the sweet aroma coming from the creamy paste that devours the top part of the pasta. With bits and pieces of ham and bacon (and some parsley), it actually resembles the color of Christmas. As soon as I have mixed entangled noodles, I started to eat fork after fork. The sweetness overpowers its saltiness which I prefer.

Bacon Carbonara Early Bird Breakfast ClubEarly Bird Breakfast Club

But the hightlight of my stay is listening to to these youthful women talk about every thing under the sun. It’s so nice to see friendship that has endured the test of time. I can only wish the same for myself.