2021: The Year I Start Over

2020 have been a disastrous year to all of us. The pandemic took away lives, and moments that could have made lifetime memories. But to me, this year is also the same year I lost my original blog site content. When I say lost—I mean everything. All the past stories that I’ve shared—all gone. I wish I can rewrite them all, but I simply just can’t. I need to start over.

Maybe it’s the universe telling me to let go of my old memories—to make room for new ones. Now that I have turned thirty, maybe this “erasure” is be the best thing that could happen to me.

Nonetheless, 2020 has taught me to back-up all my files. I am a self-proclaimed memory hoarder, so losing all these were hard for me. To be vulnerably honest, I cried a lot. I felt like parts of me has vanished.

In 2021, I will make sure to do this differently. If I really cherish those memories, I need to keep them safe. Complacency should have no room in my life. This year I will start things over—the right way.