Noodle Nights Series: Caution Hot!

Discovered this new hangout spot by accident after a long day’s work. I originally intended to go to a different food store when this noodle house suddenly caught my eyes. I knew it was the one I would want to eat dinner at. Caution Hot!‘s exterior is really quite simple. Matter of fact, it’s getting overshadowed by its…

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Myeongdong: A Foodies Haven

There’s no better way to know a foreign country than through their food. Seoul has always been a world-renowned fashion Mecca, but in recent years, it is slowly emerging as an international food hub for all foodies. Myeongdong seems to be the center of this fad. It houses countless of food stalls that offer aromatic dishes…

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Hong Kong After Dark

In the alternate universe I was in, tints of purple and teal gave my Hong Kong nights a different vibe. It felt like a Hollywood movie unfolding upon every step. Every flicker romanticized even the most barren alleys. I looked around me and cars, buses and taxi cabs restlessly roam from every direction. Seeing the…

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Lost in Central Hong Kong

One day—that’s all I have left before I leave a country that I will fall in love with. Scratch that. I have already fallen in love with Hong Kong. I may not have known much about its people, but the food and the scenery is quite a spectacle. Our minutes are numbered so every move…

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Chasing Sunset at Ngong Ping Village

It’s no contest, Hong Kong has one of the most beautiful skylines in the world. But I am saving it for the last part of my trip. I am looking for something that would surprise me. So far, Hong Kong has wowed me with its diversity — from Tai O’s rugged houses on stilts to…

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