Taipei in Spring

It has been drizzling all over Taipei the whole morning but we decided to still go out. I wear a blue hoody and put on a leather jacket over it. As I wait under our apartment’s canopy, I stretch my arm out and try catching a few drops on my palm. They burst out even…

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Six Places in Vietnam You Must Visit

I went on a 10-day journey across the entirety of Vietnam. From the easygoing vibe of the northern province of Hanoi to the sandy dunes at the southern coast of Mui Ne, I  have conquered 6 a total of provinces. I rode planes, huge boats, motorcycles, old buses, grab car and rick shaws and ate…

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National Planetarium: A Short Trip Around the Universe

All of us had been that kid who once dreamt of travelling in space. I, too, was a victim of my overly-creative mind. In retrospect, I guess my odd fascination with space was the reason why the song, “Drops of Jupiter”  have always resonated through my soul. Or the reason why I have always wanted…

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Namba Station: My Prelude to Japan

After watching Detective Pikachu, I was still on a “high”. Seeing pokemons in the big screen feels it is 1996. Seeing the colorful Japanese neon lights like I’m some part of my favorite childhood cartoon makes me long for Japan, though, I have not been there yet. I stroll the busy hallways of Venice Piazza…

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Shortest Time in Shifen

We step inside the bus, settle ourselves. It zooms past a few more zigzags until we reach Yin Yang Sea. This time, I sit still and watch other tourists hop-walk their way on to the other side of the street. Taipei’s countryside is an image of peace. The colors are paler, the roads are more…

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