Shortest Time in Shifen

We step inside the bus, settle ourselves. It zooms past a few more zigzags until we reach Yin Yang Sea. This time, I sit still and watch other tourists hop-walk their way on to the other side of the street. Taipei’s countryside is an image of peace. The colors are paler, the roads are more…

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Inside Intramuros: Ilustrado Restaurant

On the morning of our departure, I decided to take my Mom out for lunch to a place that has been receiving great reviews all over the web. I have stumbled upon Ilustrado Restaurant via Instagram long before our staycation at Bayleaf Hotel. And as I was checking my Zomato app, I saw that it…

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We Should be as Resilient as Intramuros

This will not be a travel-related post. This will be me, telling you people, to never stop doing your art. Even if detractors are always at your foot. And I want to site Intramuros as our model. People will make fun of your art. Trying to project it as “criticism” when in reality it is…

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Museo de Intramuros: Bridging Today’s Youth with Yesterday’s History

Before it’s grand opening this May 2nd, I had the privilege to check it out in advance. Alongside other museum enthusiasts, a special tour will be given to us for us to fully grasp the idea on the artifacts inside Museo de Intramuros. I hail a cab that will take me to Anda Street, where…

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The Bayleaf Hotel Intramuros: Seeing Manila in a Different Perspective

I have been missing Manila these past few days. #ManilaSeries has just started to roll out with my Marikina post(which you can read here), and Holy Week is just around the corner which means another opportunity for me to go around my comfort place, again. What is it with Manila that I cannot seem to…

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