Cafe Enye: Bringing the Spanish Flair Back

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you may already notice that 70% of the time, I am eating somewhere in Bonifacio Global City. Not only because it’s near, but I feel safe walking around with my camera strapped on my shoulder. Plus, the food in this little city is so diverse, you can…

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What I Look Forward To in 2019

I was that kid. That employee who wants to be ahead of the pack. That traveller who wants to visit every destination per country in a few days. That boy who wants to shortcut his way into adulthood. But it got tiring. I got bored fighting with time. Trying to outsmart it by doing things…

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Five Activities To Do in Taichung

It is so early. I remember opening the sliding window slowly to get a feel of the weather outside. The air is freezing and the surrounding is rather quiet. No people walking going somewhere, no chattering that fills the air with warmth. It’s definitely not a busy day in Taipei. I look at the clock,…

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Eternal Summer at Houli Flower Farm

I know the sun is so high up, far from our reach, but its presence is beneath my skin, almost buried into it. The weather here in Central Taiwan is immensely different from the ones up north. Summer is eternal here. Thin clouds of fragile whites, sea of blue skies devouring the heavenly territories. Taichung’s…

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How Our Trip to Mayon Volcano Revived My Soul

Living in the city for almost all of my existence, I could not have possibly imagined my life inhabiting away from it. I have learned to adapt to its chaos—almost like I thrive in it. But living here, though, it’s fun and lively, have its cons. Getting constantly saturated with the rush hour traffic or…

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