A Trip to Tamsui, The Heart of Taipei

Last year, I was in this exact country, trying to figure out why it took this long for people to actually appreciate its charm. Now, armed with a few knowledge on how their subway system works and which places to eat at, will it be easier for me this time? At the airport My first…

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For The People of Vietnam: Vietnam Portraits

Eleven days flew by so fast. With no heed or warning, I just realized it was over once I stepped inside the airport. The air got a little chiller, seemingly missing the warmth of the Vietnamese people. I opened my camera and browsed through the images of our Vietnam trip. Can’t help but shed a…

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A Jin Joo Korean Grill Kind of Weekend

How do you usually spend your weekends? Do you go out to hangout with friends, or maybe you like to eat alone at some fancy restaurants? For me, I like doing both. I like rewarding myself for a week’s worth of stress by dining out. Doing it alone is fine, but sharing it with friends…

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Vivo V11 for the Fashion-Forward Youth

Vivo’s latest revolutionary breakthrough, the Vivo V11, is a testament to the brand’s relentless vision to produce the most sought-after modern phone. Not only is it armed with sophisticated technical specs and functionality, it also bears a sleek and cool design that is undeniably compatible with today’s fashion. It is perfect for consumers who yearn…

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Mendokoro Ramenba Has Found its New Home in BGC

Mendokoro Ramenba has taken Makati by storm, marking itself on the number one spot as the best ramen place in the said metropolis. And just this June, Mendokoro Ramenba has found a new home in Bonifacio Global City—same taste, same flavour in a different location. It’s the latest talk-of-the-town in the concrete jungle. People anticipated its…

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